Unser Lager zieht um - wir sind ab dem 15.12. wieder für Euch da

big bottle? With pleasure! But not always!

Let's face it: Of course, size matters. Sometimes it can be a little more. On other days, however, the noble drop in the practical one-glass format is sufficient.

The family game night is coming up and your tastes are as different as day and night? With a small bottle of wine, each of you gets your money's worth and at the end of the evening you don't have to face the biggest wine waste in the history of your family tree.

Or are you looking forward to finally spending some "me" time: just you, your captivating book - and a good glass of wine? Since the lines of your book could blur in the diffuse haze of alcohol after a large bottle, the solution to the riddle is as simple as it is ingenious... ...half bottle - the small bottle of wine.

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... reach for the small wine bottle

0.375 liters - for some just a number, for us it is our daily red (or white). Together with you we will make the small bottle of wine socially acceptable in Germany.

Your job: Lean back, relax and enjoy the wine, because we have already done all the work for you. The good, old 0.75 liter bottle has been victoriously halved and, in a modern guise, filled to the brim with the finest wines. Let's all stick to our agreement (and for our part we definitely do!), then there is only one thing left to say: Enjoy and see the magic! Conscious enjoyment, more quality in the glass and once and for all the end of the daily waste of wine - that is half-bottle!

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Less is more

Let's start with the good news: we certainly don't want to spoil your fun. And in addition to the time out for the mind, even your body can benefit from the health-promoting advantages of a fine red wine. In moderation, food influencers might even call it a superfood! Because red wine has an anti-inflammatory effect, counteracts vascular calcification and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Now comes the big but: Because you should still reconsider the "I never say no to Vino" attitude! While men can treat themselves to two glasses of wine a day, women should limit themselves to just one glass. Other drinks, on the other hand, should be consumed as seldom as possible and not in large quantities. Too much alcohol not only damages your immune system, but also your heart, circulatory system and liver.
Last, but not least: the risk of addiction. Our motto is "Drink less and enjoy consciously!"...

...and that works best with our wines in small bottles.

Small bottle of wine online

Do you like shopping online? Then you will love buying small bottles of wine online! Because we just can't get enough of the noble droplet, we're happy to point out all the advantages to you again:

1. Whether red wine, white wine or sweet wine: Half-bottle wines taste delicious, delicioso, délicieux - simply delicious!

2. It doesn't matter if it's spring, summer, autumn or winter, it's simply the most comfortable in your own four walls. On rainy days, you no longer have to set foot in front of the doorstep to buy wine: Open the door, thank the delivery man and have your corkscrew out!

3. Half-bottle secret tip: The smaller, the more often! We are the only online store to offer you small bottles of 0.375 liters of wine. Here you can try it out day after day without having to worry about a hangover the following day.