Which wine suits me?

A woman and a man drink wine together. She drinks white wine and he drinks red wine. This is possible thanks to the practical 0.375 liter bottle of half bottle.

Which wine suits me?

There are many ways to determine your own wine style. A few specific questions about personal fruit and cheese tastes can help to determine a personal taste profile. Red wine, white wine or rose? Aromatic and fruity? Or full-bodied and full-bodied? At Half Bottle we say, "Try it!".

That's why we have exquisite red wines, white wines, Italian wines, French wines and many, many more in the practical 0.375 liter half-bottle. So that you can find out for yourself which wine suits you best.

A woman comfortably reads a book while enjoying a glass of red wine. Thanks to Halb Flaschen.de, the red wine is available in a practical 0.375 liter bottle.

wine for me

There are many beautiful moments in life. Whether with family, friends or sometimes all alone. A cozy place, a captivating book and a glass of red wine? A large bottle doesn't do justice to moments like this, but a half-bottle is just the ticket here.

Three for one wine

Dear friends of good taste, may we invite you on a wine-tasting journey through time? Just prick up your ears. We do the work - or Sebastian, because he symbolically takes over the microphone:

Up until a few months ago, we were just three buddies who liked to enjoy a good glass of wine when we were together. But let's be honest: Even the stressful end of the day or the romantic dinner with the sweetheart are worthy occasions to pop the cork. I love wine and I would have loved to have poured myself a fine drop at home every now and then. But then there is my partner (hello darling, of course I love you more) who abstained from alcohol and thus thwarted my wish countless times. A large bottle of wine, all to myself - sounds tempting, but is too much even for me as a wine enthusiast.

Better yesterday than today, a solution had to be found. So, without further ado, I went on an interesting, but unfortunately futile, tour of discovery through a wide variety of wine shops and wineries. True to the motto "who buys wine in small bottles anyway?" Not even the universal problem solver "Internet" could remedy the situation. My search for clues "for the cat" turned into a musing "for the wine" and ultimately the lack of alternatives led to the birth of the "half bottle".

Questions upon questions arose. Building the online shop was just the tip of the iceberg. The fact that Arndt and Christian came on board as outstanding partners was the absolute bull's-eye for half bottle.

At this point, a special thank you goes out to our clever companions Paulina, Julia and Anja - without your brutal but valuable honesty we would have suffered a little less in the last few months (and would not have been where we are today)!

Our mission: Make the half-bottle socially acceptable in Germany. Our tools: conscious enjoyment, best quality and the fight against everyday wine waste (it hurts us wine lovers in the heart). Join us on our journey and always remember: "A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine" (please don't take it literally, but you can enjoy it with a clear conscience every now and then). A big thank you from us to you - because without you there is no us.

Your half-bottle team